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Ethically Sourced Products Ltd, was Incorporated in 2000 with the desire to create a jerseywear manufacturing organisation capable of providing clients with an assurance their garments are produced, not only to the highest standards of manufacture, but also within an environment committed to the wellbeing of all employees.

Relocating to a new, purpose-built factory in 2018 and investing heavily in the latest technology and training was a major turning point for the company. This expansion enabled us not only to satisfy the requirements of our existing client base, but to increase our production capacity and deal with new customers

Our high-end clientele value the “Made in England” label due to the prestige this carries around the world as a sign of quality and tradition, alongside providing their brand with a clear heritage.

Buyers benefit from sourcing locally as it allows for cheaper, easier and therefore more regular factory visits, shorter runs, quicker repeats and a much lower carbon footprint. They understand that supporting British manufacturing is paramount to securing jobs and skills for the future and to help strengthen the UK economy, alongside experiencing a good sense of community, friendships and loyalty amongst our dedicated team.

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  • Ethically Sourced Products Ltd, Unit 1, Black & Yellow Building, 30 Stonebridge Street, Leicester, England LE5 3PA
  • 0116 326 6750

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